Castaldo Mold Release Sheets

Easy release of vulcanized silicone rubber molds. Protects your vulcanizer and

keeps molds clean the fast, easy, simple way.

Castaldo mold release sheets are made from a specially treated cloth that does not stick to most rubber compounds allowing easy release from aluminum mold frames, plates and vulcanizers. Molds don’t stick to the slick and shiny surface.

Simply place one sheet above your unvulcanized rubber mold and another on top of it before putting it in the vulcanizer. Cure time or other conditions are not affected.

Castaldo release sheets can be used and reused dozens of times.

Each sheet measures 5.5 inches x 8.0 inches / 14 cm x 20 cm.

Castaldo release sheets may be in a printed with our White Label, Gold Label, No Shrink Pink or one of our other brand names or may be unprinted plain white in color. Cloth color and imprint may vary.

Packaged in envelopes of 10 sheets with varying imprints.