Castaldo No Shrink Pink

Castaldo® No Shrink Pink®, eliminates casting shrinkage without the need for expensive, messy and time consuming liquid molding compounds.

No Shrink Pink is a normal vulcanizing rubber that produces wax castings of exactly the same size of your original model in approximately 45 minutes, depending on size. Unlike liquid molding compounds, molds made from

No Shrink Pink are strong, tough and long lasting, ready to give you years of service. Say goodby to messy measuring cups, mixing bowls and gooey spills. Forget about vacuuming molds to eliminate entrapped air.

Stop worrying about short working times and limited “pot life.” Make molds when you need them, not 24 hours before. No Shrink Pink can be used by itself or can be combined with regular Castaldo White Label® and Gold Label® jewelry molding rubber for greatest economy.

If it's pink, it won't shrink!

Wax made with NoShrinkPink
Original model
Wax made with standard rubber

Fast - Easy - Strong and Convemient!

No Shrink Pink is manufactured in convenient strips approximately 1/8” (3.2 mm) thick and lined on both sides to insure cleanliness and purity. Strips are 27/8” x 18” (45.7mm x 7.3 cm) and are packaged in cardboard cartons weighing 5 lbs.
(2.27 kg) each. See directions enclosed in every box for important details and procedures. For more information, visit our web site or contact your Castaldo dealer.