Castaldo Jewlery Molding
Rubber Disco

Castaldo® Disco® Jewelry Molding Rubber offers the ultimate in mold-making convenience.

Made to fit most popular-sized round mold frames without cutting, measuring or trimming.

Provided in an attractive consumer-oriented tube that is easy to handle,easy to sell, easy to ship and keeps rubber neat, clean and fresh.

Lined with white cloth (White Label® and No Shrink Pink®) or golden colored cloth (Gold Label®) on one side and blue plastic on the other side. Castaldo Disco is available in the following sizes:

Ø 50 mm x 3 mm      Ø 65 mm x 3 mm
Ø 75 mm x 3 mm      Ø 90 mm x 3 mm

Castaldo Disco is available in White Label (regular/firm), Gold Label (premium/soft), Titanium Label (extra firm) and No Shrink Pink.

Packed in 2-kg. dispenser tubes, except for the Ø50mm size, which is packaged in 1-kg. tubes.

Ten boxes to a carton, total net weight 20 kg., except Ø50mm size, which is packed 20 to a carton for a total net weight of 20 kg. Sold in full cartons only.

Complete instructions enclosed in each tube.

For a more complete description and detailed instructions, please refer to our free technical bulletin.