The Castaldo Moldmatic® System



CASTALDO® Ready Made Molds™ rely on the perfect alignment of the two halves of the molds and their respective plugs and matching holes to achieve quick, easy semi-automatic moldmaking. Only the precision of CASTALDO Moldmatic™ Mold Frames will achieve this. Conventional mold frames will not work with this system.

Instructions For Use

A. Simple Pieces, Flat Pieces
1. Remove inside protective lining on one section of mold and place in bottom of mold frame.
2. Place model in position on bottom section.
3. If desired, place sprue hole former in position.
4. Remove inside protective lining on second section of mold and place in mold frame on top of model.
5. Place plunger on top of rubber. Take care that the plunger fits inside mold frame cavity and does not float above it.
6. Place frame in vulcanizing press set at 307°F/152°C
7. Close press until firm contact is made with plunger.
9. Vulcanize as required:
3/4" / 19 mm = 45 min.
1" / 25 mm = 60 min.
1 1/4" / 32 mm = 75 min.
1 1/2 / 38 mm = 90 min.
(See Castaldo technical bulletin for further details)
11. After vulcanization is complete, remove mold frame from vulcanizer and plunge into cold water for 10 seconds. Loosen nuts and swing away connector rods. Insert supplied breaker rod in hole in frame and, using rod and handle together, bend open the frame halves. Remove mold from frame.
12. Run fingernail, screwdriver tip or similar object around seam between top and bottom halves, starting from sprue hole. This works best when mold is hot. It is often best when learning the system to mark this separation line with bits of paper, foil or mark it with ink. With experience you will be easily able to find the separating line without these aides.
13. Pull open edge of mold all around - mold locks are formed automatically!!!
14. Cut center of mold around model as usual after mold has cooled.

B. Three Dimensional Pieces, Difficult Pieces
1. Proceed as above, placing model between top and bottom sections of the mold.
2. Press lightly to create an impression of the model in both halves.
3. Remove top piece and model.
4. With a sharp knife, cut slits in top and bottom sections of rubber to accommodate model features marked by impressions.
5. For rings with large bezels or significant undercuts take one extra piece of rubber and place inside ring shank.
6. Replace bottom of mold in frame. Place model in appropriate position and align with slits. Place top of mold in proper position and align with slits.
7. Place in vulcanizer as above, taking care not to over-tighten vulcanizer.