1. Jewelry Molds Using VLT® Rubber jewelry Prototyping Process with permission from Objet
  2. "The Wait Is Over" direct casting with VLT by John Shanahan
  3. How to Make Rubber Jewelry Molds by Larry Kallenburg
  4. How to Duplicate Your Jewelry by Lee Martin
  5. Jewelers With Spunk Beat Out the Spelunker by Tom Arnold
  6. Some Advice: How to Cut & Use Rubber Jewelry Molds by Peter Rowe
  7. Cutting Air Release Vents (Airing Out Our Differences) by Bernard Reller
  8. Making Molds Part 1 by Donna Shimazu
    Making Molds Part 2 by Donna Shimazu
  9. How to Make Vulcanized Rubber Molds by John Donivan,
  10. Packing a Rubber Mold by Steve Inlow,
  11. Cutting a Rubber Mold by Steve Inlow,
  12. The Art of Mold Cutting by Suzanne Wade,