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After almost 80 years serving the worldwide jewelry casting industry as “Castaldo” we have decided to end operations and say goodbye.

In 2020 we sold our line of silicone jewelry molding rubber, liquid molding rubber compounds and related products to Goodwin Refractory Services in the United Kingdom. Those products are now available from Goodwin and its network of dealers worldwide.

We have now sold our remaining line of natural rubber products - White Label, Gold Label, No Shrink Pink and Titanium Label natural jewelry molding rubber and related products - to Goodwin as well.

It saddens us to leave the industry and so many loyal customers, but nothing lasts forever.

All orders and inquiries for our former products should now be directed to Goodwin at "info@castaldo.com".

We feel confident that the Castaldo brand and products are in good hands and that you will be well served by Goodwin for many years to come.

Thank you all for so many wonderful years together.

Michael Knight

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